The Quantways solution in a nutshell

Join the new generation of investors by having full control and understanding of your investments.

Quantways offers you an innovative portfolio-based trading solution that meets your personal and individual needs. We aim to deliver an above-average return on your investment under daily risk-controlled conditions. Asset picking and risk management are at the heart of our activities.

In personal discussions with you in an atmosphere of trust, we first identify your individual requirements. Our experienced Client Advisor will then work with you to present a number of portfolio variations in accordance with your risk profile.

Upon agreement, our pioneer Trade Strategist will develop and manage a tailored solution representing your profile. Our management process is fully transparent and you will be able to view your account performances in real-time via mobile devices.

Quantitative Approach

Macro strategies aim at capturing broad market trends in a wide range of asset classes. Our proprietary Quant-based methodology offers exposure to over fifty major futures markets in eight sectors covering the majority of global economic and financial activities.

Automated systems do the job

  • Systematic approach removes the behavioural component of investing; this can cause portfolio managers to become attached to securities or trading ideas that are no longer profitable.
  • Collect sizeable historical price datasets; analyse to find persistent patterns; encode trading rules into computer programs and finally backtest and verify performance.
  • Diversification across markets and sectors helps reduce volatility and improve profit potential.
  • Trading strategies are continuously monitored and adjusted to evolving market conditions.
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