We manage your personal account with the custodian of your choice starting from
USD 100’000.


Quantways offers you an innovative portfolio-based trading solution that meets
your needs.


A globally diversified portfolio
in futures markets
covering major global
macro sectors.


Hassle-free and
transparent process.
Systematic and automated
risk management.

Innovative Approach

A research based methodology for investing in global macroeconomic sectors.


A risk-managed portfolio, investing in leveraged instruments and diversified in global macroeconomic sectors.

Personalised Service

Our experienced client advisor will proactively guide your investment options.

Managed portfolio

Our experienced Client Advisor will work to present a number of portfolio variations in accordance with your risk profile.

Experienced Team

Multidisciplinary Team with expertise in Banking, Trading, Business and Relationship Management.

Client centered

Our experienced and competent team will work towards achieving your investment goals.

Ongoing Care

On a continuous basis you will be kept informed of your account transactions and performance.

Regular reviews

We meet with you in person, on a regular basis, to review your evolving needs and make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio.

We  do not take custody of client funds. Your funds are deposited in your personal account with a custodian of your choice. We offer a managed account service as an alternative to pooled investments. Our aim is to provide a refined investment strategy that suits your risk profile and return objectives. Having your account managed by our professionals can be very rewarding and can mitigate the risks associated with trading.

Quantways has developed and fine-tuned its proprietary trading platform over several years. The trading methodology and systems are adapted continuously and updated in line with changing market conditions.

At Quantways we strive to provide an optimal fee structure. We will also help to choose, for execution of trades, a globally reputable broker who is financially solid and has a low transaction fee structure. Quantways will not participate in any way in transaction costs that are charged by the broker and will not receive any retrocessions.

Our fees are:

1. A fixed management fee of 0.375% based on account value at the end of the quarter.

2. An incentive fee of 20% calculated on “new” net profits realized at quarter end.

We will be glad to provide further details if required.

Why Choose Quantways

  • Managed personalised service
  • Reliable, fully automated systems
  • Controlled and actively managed risk
  • Liquid investment; account can be cashed out in 24 hours
  • No conditions or additional fees for withdrawals

We invest in Macro Sectors

 Stock Indexes

T-Bonds & Rates




Grains & Foods